Our Story

Behind the one tap shower.

Rooted in design and technological excellence.

Established by a small team of designers and engineers in San Francisco, we are driven to rethink the modern living space. And we make products and services that improve people’s lives where they use water through aspirational design and impeccable performance.

We believe by surrounding our living environment with thoughtful artifacts, we can live more humane and inspirational lives.

We're pushing the boundaries of quality craftsmanship and design excellence.

Threaded by uncompromised, thoughtful design; we’re reimagining traditional experiences and inspiring thought through frictionless interactions with technology. After years of development, working prototypes, sketches, and tested design iterations, we’ve landed on our flagship product.

We notice the details in life.

The things people overlook, the invisible problems, beyond what's obvious.

The way things are,
isn't the way things should be.

We’ve questioned the perceptions associated with daily-use products. The fine details people overlook, the invisible problems – guided by the mission of elevating water use experiences through technology. The result is an augmented end to end shower that captures inspirational, humane moments.

An outdated, intrusive design, adopted in the 1930’s; with unintuitive temperature controls leading to careless water wastes, finally gets a refresh. From before you enter with the perfect temperature in 1 tap, down to when you step out of the water, adjusting room temperature using smart thermostats for comfort.

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We come to work everyday to redefine possibilities. We’re committing ourselves to refining the inspirational, thoughtful moments in life by enriching experiences around water usage.

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