A new type of shower control

We are reinventing how we interact with shower. One tap, and the perfect temperature is ready. 


Full control at your fingertips

through the mobile app and Livin Shower valve dial. Start the shower at a perfect termperature with one tap.

10 custom profiles

with a personalized shower setting for each one of your household.

Knows your schedule

and prepares the perfect shower before you even think about it.

Baby mode for the perfect child temperature

to safely bathe your child.


Thoughtfully designed, beautifully crafted. 

Friendly, human soft curves balanced with a glossy white and metallic finish for a clean bathroom silhouette. 

Display_temperature.jpg -

Save water and energy. 

We're enabling joyful water use through thoughtful design. No longer will you have to wait for the perfect water temperature or take a step back to shampoo.


Auto-pausing of water stream

once the temperature reaches the target in the preparation stage saves water from day 1.

Proprietary temperature control algorithm

finds the shortest amount of time to reach the target temperature.

One-click start and pause

helps reduce unnecessary water flow while in shower as you can pause and resume your shower while retaining the temperature with one tap.

Monitor water usage

with temperature and duration of your shower.


Thoughtful design is deep in our product, even in installation.

You don't have to tear down walls or call a plumber, just 15 minutes with household tools and you are done. 


We're refining the end-to-end shower experience through a connected house.


Sync with your smart thermostat

to auto-adjust room temperatures before and after your shower.

Connect with Google Home or Amazon Echo

and just say "Prepare my morning shower" to get it ready.

Connect to your music app

and listen to your favorite playlist. You have full control to play, pause or skip songs using the dial on the shower valve.


Upgrade your shower, 
it's about time.